Friday, 3 August 2012

An August 'Alloween

So I'm quite big on Halloween. I have enough decorations to start my own business and everyone comes to me for fancy dress ideas. As soon as something of a horror/zombie/spooky nature comes along I'm immediately interested.

Think of my mixed feelings when I realise I won't be home for Halloween 2012! Where will people go to celebrate? How will I cope with NOT having a party? As my Australian friends would say "no worries mate"!
Fear not for Gembob will always get a Halloween shindig sorted somehow! In fact 3 if I'm honest.

The first was my birthday/leaving party back home. Yes that's right a Halloween party in August!
I had to have a birthday/leaving party and I already had all the decorations. It was already planned before I'd even decided!

Everybody made an excellent effort in their last minute costumes and did me proud! I dressed as Medusa (you know the chick with the snakes that turned dudes to stone if they looked at her funny). Not necessarily Halloween but there's the back story which of course revolves around a boy!

My very talented Sister made some special ghost cupcakes for the occasion (everyone was very impressed)....

...we covered the house with decorations...

...and even our dog got into the Halloween spirit of things!

All told it was a suitably awful night and everyone had an atrocious time :-p

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