Saturday, 6 October 2012

Fright Night

So the first Halloween mourning was in August... where shall we have number two? Fright Night at Movie World on the Gold Coast of course!!

I didn't have time to sort out a costume for this one but it was a great night all the same! It opened with what seemed to be the ENTIRE cast dressed in an array of zombie and horror film characters dancing to the famous 'Thriller' by Michael Jackson in the main street.
There was then a choice of rides open, along with performances in the streets and 'mazes' set up in the old film lots. Although we only had time to go on the one ride ( Justice League), we did manage all the mazes (some good, some mediocre). I was even applauded by one woman for going at the front of the line to lead the gang through! She said she couldn't have done it with people jumping out and scaring her.

Perhaps I have become harder to shock over the years? Maybe I just have an incredibly slow reaction time?

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