Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Great Brisbane Zombie Walk

This brings us to number 3 on the Halloween countdown of 2012. The Brisbane Zombie Walk.
According to sources it has previously taken place in the CBD but this year was moved further out to basically a large park.
In saying this it was a great afternoon with LOADS of people really putting in the effort! Some of the costumes were incredible and I wish I had been able to prepare better. As it stood, I hijacked one of the tops I brought with me and some awful looking (but comfy) shorts I got on the cheap.

Also scribbled on a freebie canvas bag I managed to relieve some random of on a 'fashion night out' in Sydney (highlight of my night was getting that bag!). Don't forget my homemade 'zombie' necklace!!

Not too elaborate but I didn't feel completely left out, especially after the splatter tent!! (It was exactly what it sounds like)

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