Monday, 5 November 2012

Day ONE of Walkabout

Orite! So on my way to collect the Wicked camper in Brisbane. Sitting on the bus, minding my own business in a world of my own. The bus pulls up at a stop like it has done many times before on this journey and two people get on. The first was a girl about the same age as me - nothing exciting there. The second was what I would imagine the typical Aussie bloke of a certain age to look like. Work boots, socks, combat shorts, t-shirt and hat (without the corks however). What came next I was not he passed me to take a seat  further up the bus he smelt of sherbet!! Exactly like sherbet dibdabs!!

The van I was supposed to get wasn't ready apparently so lucky old me got....the poo car! Oh yes that's what it said and that's what I had to drive about in for 2 weeks!

It wasn't all bad because it had a full tank of gas and a mix CD that the previous people had obviously forgotten in the CD player.

So I was off! Driving in a strange country on roads I'd never even heard of before in a van that had 'poo' written on it and...well....was absolutely filthy.
Thankfully, to ease myself into my adventure a friend said he'd come with me for the first day and show me the sights on the Sunshine Coast and we could rock up to his mums to stay the night.

We saw the Glasshouse Mountains and had a wee wander round the rainforest walk up there. We managed to see a few different birds and what we think was probably a pademelon! Also had a nosey round Noosa and I was let into 'the secret place' which is good for swimming!

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