Saturday, 10 November 2012

Day SIX of Walkabout

So after a lovely sunny day yesterday, I awoke early doors to this


Lovely nice, hot, and just cleaned showers at Home Hill! Many thanks to the cleaning dude that had only just finished then waved me over (it must have been obvious that that's what I was after).

Headed towards Jappoon, I passed through Ayr (yes even spelled the same way as the Scottish town and thanks to my foggy camera even looks as miserable!).

Managed to get a bit lost from the ONE ROAD that I had to stick to but surely it's not an adventure unless you take a wrong turn every now and then...right??

Saw a few random things on my way to my next stop which made me chuckle away to myself such as this guy (he looks so happy)

then of course I managed to find, and get a photo, of one of these

Everyone loves a good tractor!!

However, I think my favourite of this drive was the sign for 'Christmas Creek' which someone had so lovingly wrapped tinsel around!!

The overall drive wasn't so bad as there was a visible improvement in the amount of trees and general greenery about the place. I made it to Innesfail, grabbed some lunch and decided to call into Paronella Park to book my spot for tomorrow night (more about that place in the next post!)

Finally rocked up to my rest stop for the evening which was only maybe 15/20 mins drive from Paronella and expected it to be just me...NOPE! There was some kind of family gathering going on as there were at least 5,6,7 cars, a bunch of adults and an army of kids running about the place and playing in the creek. Thankfully it started raining not long after I got there so they all disappeared!

.....Ah quiet!

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