Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Day THREE of Walkabout

After worrying about where I had panic parked the night before I woke early to a guy taking his dog for a walk. As long as it wasn't someone telling me to move on I could deal with that. Although once I opened the front curtain to see where I had in fact stopped I was pleasantly surprised!

After taking advantage of the facilities by the beach I made my way to Duaringa, heading inland towards Emerald.
I arrived around lunchtime and headed to the tourist info on the other side of the camp site. The woman there  was nice enough but I couldn't tell if she was part of the museum or actually the official elected tourist information person! She palmed me off with a bunch of leaflets whilst saying that there wasn't anything to do there...great information stop that was!

Anyway I pulled up the camper under some trees and started writing everything down that I had done so far and tidied the camper as best I could. Whilst tidying, I realised that I had left the charger for my Aussie phone...wonderful! I knew it was going far too well for a Gemma adventure!

As the day wore on I got talking to the couple that were parked to the side of me, Lindsay and Penny. They were so friendly and after about 5 minutes it felt like we had known each other for ages! 
Gregg and Val were in the other camper opposite and they came over and joined in the conversation. They were some of the friendliest people too! Somehow there appeared a glass of wine in my hand with cheese and crackers on the go! We sat talking for ages about where we had been, where we were going, what was worth visiting, what wasn't etc. 
Gregg told me about some of the places they had visited including Paronella Park which looked amazing from their photos. Lindsay told me about places to go around the Atherton Tablelands such as the wetlands and free museum in Mareeba and Penny mentioned the markets in Kuranda. All sounding like places I wanted to visit!
It was great banter and I was invited to Gregg and Vals' camper for breakfast the next morning!!

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